Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Music over and over...

Hey guys! I'm glad to hear that [friends] are turning their papers in. Thats sweet. So [brother and cousin], you guys got mp3s? Thats cool, hope your ENJOYING your music! just kiddin. My companion has a CD player and 1 CD, The Prince of Egypt... It's getting really old, but I can stand it. You know I think the reason [my cousin] played his music over and over and over again was for me. I got so used to it, it really didn't bother me anymore. I think I can count that as a blessing! ha ha. Well you guys have fun, but not too much. I Love you and I'll write you again the same time next week, today is my P-day and we only have a half hour to e-mail, and since I'm slow at typing, this has taken up most of the time. ok love you and talk to you again soon.
love Bryan

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Missionary Log

A few years ago, Bryan went on a hike with some other kids in his quorum and his leaders. On the way they found a beautifully carved-from-nature log. One of the leaders wanted the boys to help bring it down the mountain to his house so that he could display it. He told the boys that if they helped him that he would carve their names into it when they left on their mission. Bryan's name is the first to be carved...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Bryan left to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) today to begin his two-year mission. Here are some pictures of us saying goodby.

His cousin (like a sister) wasn't able to see him off at the MTC so she said her goodbyes the night before. She will miss him. His other cousin (like a brother) was to overwhelmed to actually say goodbye, but he said "Good luck, Bryan," from the doorway and today he mentioned that he won't see Bryan for a while when we went to grandma and grandpas tonight.

Here we are (one of his families) minus Bryan's two cousins

I love this picture of Grandma kissing him goodby--special moments.

The two in the family to serve a full-time LDS missions. Grandson Bryan, and Son Marc.

Bryan and PROUD Grandpa

Bryan and his sister and brother

Here is Bryan searching for what to eat at Chuckarama

The group of us

Bryan outside the MTC

Everyone following Bryan to his luggage drop-off

Love this sign--just says it all...

Getting instructions

The eyes have it

The new missionary looking forward and the old missionary looking back

The official name tag

I love this picture—he is pondering