Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big Christmas Activity

Hey fam, today was the BIG CHRISTMAS ACTIVITY for the Chile Rancagua Mission. It was actually held in my stake! All the elders from the whole mission gathered there today and we played soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, ping-pong, and we ate a ton of hamburgers! It was alot of fun, an all day activity. This week was good, we gave the holy ghost to our recent convert! She is so awesome! I`m going to be sending you guys a package here pretty soon with the big letter and some other stuff so look out. We aren`t able to go to the santiago temple because it`s not in our mission, but last change me and my companion got permission from our president to go do a session in the santiago temple! It was rad! The primary program sounded like a laugh! Wish I was there.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hot Christmas

IT DOESN`T FEEL LIKE CHRISTMAS!!! It`s really hot here, and nobody has lights up! It feels so weird. Some members in our ward gave us some christmas lights to hang up, but we never have time in the house!

We have a christmas tree thats about the size of a tire. It works. Sorry that you couldn`t report much about me, I`ll try to dive into details. We cleaned our house pretty good this morning and then went to the mission office. The mission office for the mission Rancagua is in my zone. Every p-day we go and check if we got mail and stuff. So if you send me a package I`ll recieve it in about a week. Speaking of package, I do want some stuff for christmas. I want LOTS of RED VINES, NERDS ROPES, and AIR HEADS EXTREMES!!! I love those candies. If you don`t know what they are ask Kelsey or Junior, they`ll know. If there is any thing else that you can think of that would be a cool suprise, SEND IT! I love you guys so much, hope you have the COOL CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Little Black Puppy

First off, we found a little black puppy in front of our house this past tuesday, it must have been a couple days old because it was so small. We kept it for 2 nights and then found somebody who wanted it in the sector.

On thursday our stake had a Temple activity, and our bishop is friends with our Mission Pres., so... WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!! It was so awesome! We did alot of work. We got alot done. It was so nice to enter in the temple again and get away from the world. We went to the Santiago Temple, they´re building a new temple up in Concepcion, Chile.

This week has been really good for the work too. We found alot of NEW investigators, ones who have NEVER heard our message, It was so awesome to see their eyes when we explained the Book of Mormon and how Jesus visited the Americas. They really have never heard it. There is one family that we found that is so perfect, I just hope they´re married! That´s a pretty big problem here in Chile, when people aren´t married. Well other then that our missionary lives are going sweet.

Monday, October 12, 2009

McDonald's and Soccer in Chile

The Mish is going really good. I got a new companion last week, his name is Elder Hunt. We've been getting along really good, and thus the work has been going great! We have 4 people who have baptismal dates! Hopefully they keep their commitments! Me? I've been doing fine, my health is good, my thoughts are good and not set on home or other things, the spanish is going really good (I learn a couple new words every day) So things are just fine with me. Todays our p-day, so we got up and cleaned the house (you'd be so proud of how clean I keep the house!) Then we got a taxi to a near by town San Bernardo. We ate at McDonalds! It's SO different here. And now I'm writing you in an internet café. We'll probably go grocery shopping after this and then back home. Since today is Columbus day there's these huge things Chile does, it's like a yard sale and a flea market mixed, but they open them on huge freeway streets, so the whole street is closed off! I know your Mom would love it! There called Persas or Ferias. Anyways we're probably gonna walk that today and see if there is anything cool. Since I've been here in Chile I think I've played like 200 games of soccer, I'm not even kidding! It's so much fun. OH! Chile beat Columbia 2 days ago in the finals to play in the world cup in 2010, and people were going crazy! Everybody was screaming and honking their car horns and shooting their guns! It was so funny! Kinda scary though. Chile is insane when it comes to soccer.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Elder Quesada

If any of you would like to send birthday wishes to Elder Quesada for his 20th this Sunday please leave a comment here and I will copy all of them into an email to send to him. He will love to hear from you all on his birthday.

Also here is his latest letter:
Hello family! Things are going great over here in skinny Chile. Teaching alot of people the Gospel. It´s been awesome, me and my companion started doing a lot of door contacts with the Book of Mormon in hand and testifying about it right at their door step. It´s been really interesting to see the peoples faces as we testify of, not only the restoration of the gospel, but the Book of Mormon with it. Anyways, how are things in the good ol´ U S of A?

Rachael, your already 6 months along? WOW!!! Time flies when your on a mission!

Hopefully you guys don´t miss me as much as I miss you, or we´re gonna have problems. Ok Fam, take it easy and thanks for rubbin it in that I´m gonna be 20! Love ya, Elder Quesada.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Sector report

Well this week has been... Amazing!!! My companion is so good! We taught so many people the Gospel this week! It was awesome. This morning we got up and went looking for 3 of our investigators, then we went to the stake center and met up with a bunch of other elders and played soccer, football, basketball and ping-pong! It was alot of fun. Our investigators really enjoyed it. Afterwards we took a bus back to our sector and found an internet cafe, and now I´m writing you. After this we´re gonna go back to the house and shower and then go grocery shopping. Well how are things this week in Utah? Sounds pretty hot. Here actually hasn´t been too bad. It actually feels pretty warm right now. A funny thing that everybody keeps telling me is that my name is supposed to have a "z" and not an "s" in Quesada. Some people actually get kinda mad about it! Any who, Hope all is going well with the fam. I feel super good about going on a mission, and I know it will have been one of the best decisions I ever made. I am learning SO much, my testimony and my language are improving alot, and I know that this gospel is true... Chao, Elder Quesada.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Sector

Hey family!!! This week has been really good!, it was the last week in my first sector (or the sector where I was born (in missionary language)). So right now I'm in my second sector with my new companion Elder Brady. He seems pretty cool so far, but we've only been a companionship for like 2 hours, so we'll see. My new sector is called "El Bosque, Observatorio" and the house is a lot smaller then my last house. There's another companionship in our house and they seem pretty cool. Well the work was really good in my last sector. I think I left it better then when I got there... I think. I'm really going to miss the people there, I didn't realize it would be that hard. I hope this new ward I'm in is as good as the last. They really helped us missionaries out. Anyways, sounds like you've had alot of fun this past week. Hope the family is all doing well.
With love, Elder Quesada.
P.S.- I'll try to get some pics to you guys next week, I forgot my camera at the house.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

just a letter

Well it rained a lot... A lot! The streets were flooded! It was pretty cool, I wish I would have gotten a picture. The prosolyting is going really good, finding a lot of new investigators and spreading the gospel. My new companion is fine, we get along great. We have 2 baptismal dates so we'll see if they keep their commitments. Other then that, its going well. Elder Oaks came and talked to us last tuesday, that was really good. He talked about principles, what they are, and how we can apply them every day. what else... Our neighbors have a dog that follows us all around the sector, her name is Perrita, she's pretty funny. Umh, I think thats all the news for now. Yes I am warm at night, you don't have to worry about me. After we're done e-mailing, we're going to buy some boots for the rain...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Baptism Picture

From Elder Quesada's last letter:

Ok heres 2 pictures from the baptism. The first picture from left to right is Elder Walker, Veronica (the mother of Francisca), Francisca, and me. The second one was taken right after I baptized Francisca! Have a good week!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pictures form Chile—Finally!

We have been begging Bryan to send pictures and they are finally here!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Opposite Missionaries

OK, so one day I had two missionaries show up at my door, one tall and one short. Anyway, I was wondering why they would be stopping at my house in the middle of the day so I started small talk as the stood at my doorstep and then finally the short one, whom I found out later was Elder Salinas, asked me if I had a son who was serving in Rancagua, Chile on his mission. To save the nephew explanation I answered, "yes" and he went onto explain that he is from Rancagua Chile and is serving his mission here in Santaquin. He and Bryan are serving opposite missions. He thought it would be fun to get a picture of him with all of us so that he could later show it to Bryan when he goes back to Rancagua in two months... So here are all of us with Elder Salinas. My two youngest weren't too happy about taking the picture but, at least they are there!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Phone Call

We were able to talk to Bryan on Sunday for his bi-annual phone call home for Mother's Day. It was good to hear his voice and hear the excitement he has in working hard in the gospel. He is so happy and his testimony has really grown. What a wonderful opportunity for a 19 year old young man to have so young! Yay for Bryan!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Near Santiago

Hola! So everything is going really good, We´ve been tracting alot this last week, trying to look for people to teach. We´ve had 2 earthquakes this week, they were just little though. The area I´m in right now Is technically Santiago. I´m as close as I can get in Santiago before The South Santiago mission starts. The boarder of my area is the boarder of the next mission. I´m in the ghetto (I think thats how you spell it). Lots and lots of run down buildings, and tiny homes. The streets are filled with trash, dogs, and people who throw rocks at us and try to swear at us in english (which is pretty funny), but I love this place! I´ve really gotten attached to it. I know the lord has sent me here for a reason, and day by day I´m reminded of it. I love it. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is restored on the earth once again, and for good. And I know that if we are faithful and endure to the end, we will live with our loving Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ for eternity. Sorry, didn't mean to drop my testimony, but I felt inspired. Anyways, This P-day we played futbol (soccer) in an actual field of grass! It was sweet. Every church here has a ping pong table and a cement soccer court out side. Our church building has 2 stories in it, but it is very small. Nothing like the ones in Utah. The food here is good, lots of rice and chicken. And the weather is getting a tad cooler at night, but all in all its good. Anyways, love ya much, sorry I haven´t sent any pictures yet. I´ll try to next time.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hola mi familia!!!

Everything here is going great. The investigators are really progressing. I had 3 baptisms in my first change, today is the start of a new change (my second change). an Elder that lived in our house left and a new one came today... I´m really getting used to the language, I´m still not the best at writing in it, but I can speak good. I´ve gotten used to my sector and my surroundings. It´s been a real eye opener experience so far, and I´m sure it will continue to be. People here live in such humble circumstances its amazing. I haven´t given any talks yet in church but I have taught alot of lessons. The weather here is getting a little cooler but nothing like Utah. They´re saying it´s going to start raining here pretty soon, and that the rain is intense. I´m pretty stoked. Well that´s about all for now...

Monday, April 6, 2009

General Conference and two baptisms

Sounds like everyone is getting into car crashes over there! I´m glad your ok. And I´m glad [my sister] is ok too. I can´t believe that. I´ve been wanting to ask you to e-mail some of your experiences on your mission to me... It would be much appreciated. Things here are going great, we had 2 baptisms this past General Conference weekend. General Conference was amazing! I loved Elder Holland's talk. We had a little room to ourselves in the stake center (us gringos) and watched it in english! It was candy! Well other then that, we´re contacting. Love you much and keep praying for me.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


His sister wrote and asked him a bunch of questions. These were his answers:

Well I´m eating alot of rice and chicken and potatoes. We always eat at peoples houses, and lunch here is like dinner in the states, what I mean by that is that they eat alot during lunch and a little during dinner.

My companion is from Arizona, and he loves to build rockets (before he came on a mission.)

Church here is alot smaller, only about 30 people come, and they are horrible at singing the hymns! It´s super funny. Right now it is very hot, but it´s supposed to start cooling down and getting ready for fall.

We live in a house about as big as your kitchen. We sleep with spiders, We take showers with spiders, and we eat spiders when we wanna snack.. That´s about it. JK! JK!

Our house is actually pretty nice compared to most other houses around here. Theres 3 bedrooms 1 bathroom and a kitchen and a living room. It´s pretty nice. Theres warm water with the shower, so I´m not complaining.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 16th

¿Hola, como estan?
I´ve been in chile for a week, and it´s been crazy!
It´s super hot during
the day, around 95, and then
the nights are amazing. They feel like summer

nights in California. Todays monday (our p-day),
We went and played soccer at a
church, it was fun.
There is seriously a million dogs all over the streets.
think there is as many dogs as there is people in
this country. Well,
proselyting has been good, I´m
gettin spanish pretty good, still need a lot of work.
Me and my companion had a baptism this week,
my first baptism was my first
sunday here! How
cool is that. My companion baptised her,
her name is Anita.

Monday, March 9th--I'm in Chile!!!!

Ok... I´m in Chili! It is so crazy over here!
I´ve seen about a thousand stray dogs, and
on every street corner there is a small
market, not even kidding. The flight went
really well, I got about 3 hours of sleep,
so I´m really tired. After we got off the
airplane we went and met up with the Elders.
We took about an hour drive out of Santiago
to get to Rancagua. We went to our mission Pres.
house and met him and his family. They are so
cool! We had lunch, and then met our new
companions. His name is Elder W-----. He is
super cool, he´s been here for 9 months, and
he speaks so good. Anyways, after we met our
companions we said goodbye to the Pres. and
left to go to our apartments. We took a train.
Then a taxi. and finally made it to our apartment.
We just left to eat and email and I´m inside
a internet cafe right now, It´s hot and humid,
and I´m so tired. It´s been a great day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just in! Pictures and video from the MTC!

Elder Quesada and his companion

Mmm... food from outside of the MTC

Some elders from his district

In the MTC lunchroom

The MTC version of four-square

Some of the elders on the way to the Provo Temple.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I know He lives!

I've learned and been able to understand so much! When I first came here, I thought I was coming here for me (yes I will learn a lot and gain a strong testimony, and meet some amazing people) but I soon came to realize that I'm here for Him... for the Savior. I Know He lives! and it's so awesome to say that out loud! ... Thanks for everything. Love Elder Quesada.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Music over and over...

Hey guys! I'm glad to hear that [friends] are turning their papers in. Thats sweet. So [brother and cousin], you guys got mp3s? Thats cool, hope your ENJOYING your music! just kiddin. My companion has a CD player and 1 CD, The Prince of Egypt... It's getting really old, but I can stand it. You know I think the reason [my cousin] played his music over and over and over again was for me. I got so used to it, it really didn't bother me anymore. I think I can count that as a blessing! ha ha. Well you guys have fun, but not too much. I Love you and I'll write you again the same time next week, today is my P-day and we only have a half hour to e-mail, and since I'm slow at typing, this has taken up most of the time. ok love you and talk to you again soon.
love Bryan

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Missionary Log

A few years ago, Bryan went on a hike with some other kids in his quorum and his leaders. On the way they found a beautifully carved-from-nature log. One of the leaders wanted the boys to help bring it down the mountain to his house so that he could display it. He told the boys that if they helped him that he would carve their names into it when they left on their mission. Bryan's name is the first to be carved...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Bryan left to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) today to begin his two-year mission. Here are some pictures of us saying goodby.

His cousin (like a sister) wasn't able to see him off at the MTC so she said her goodbyes the night before. She will miss him. His other cousin (like a brother) was to overwhelmed to actually say goodbye, but he said "Good luck, Bryan," from the doorway and today he mentioned that he won't see Bryan for a while when we went to grandma and grandpas tonight.

Here we are (one of his families) minus Bryan's two cousins

I love this picture of Grandma kissing him goodby--special moments.

The two in the family to serve a full-time LDS missions. Grandson Bryan, and Son Marc.

Bryan and PROUD Grandpa

Bryan and his sister and brother

Here is Bryan searching for what to eat at Chuckarama

The group of us

Bryan outside the MTC

Everyone following Bryan to his luggage drop-off

Love this sign--just says it all...

Getting instructions

The eyes have it

The new missionary looking forward and the old missionary looking back

The official name tag

I love this picture—he is pondering