Tuesday, March 31, 2009


His sister wrote and asked him a bunch of questions. These were his answers:

Well I´m eating alot of rice and chicken and potatoes. We always eat at peoples houses, and lunch here is like dinner in the states, what I mean by that is that they eat alot during lunch and a little during dinner.

My companion is from Arizona, and he loves to build rockets (before he came on a mission.)

Church here is alot smaller, only about 30 people come, and they are horrible at singing the hymns! It´s super funny. Right now it is very hot, but it´s supposed to start cooling down and getting ready for fall.

We live in a house about as big as your kitchen. We sleep with spiders, We take showers with spiders, and we eat spiders when we wanna snack.. That´s about it. JK! JK!

Our house is actually pretty nice compared to most other houses around here. Theres 3 bedrooms 1 bathroom and a kitchen and a living room. It´s pretty nice. Theres warm water with the shower, so I´m not complaining.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 16th

¿Hola, como estan?
I´ve been in chile for a week, and it´s been crazy!
It´s super hot during
the day, around 95, and then
the nights are amazing. They feel like summer

nights in California. Todays monday (our p-day),
We went and played soccer at a
church, it was fun.
There is seriously a million dogs all over the streets.
think there is as many dogs as there is people in
this country. Well,
proselyting has been good, I´m
gettin spanish pretty good, still need a lot of work.
Me and my companion had a baptism this week,
my first baptism was my first
sunday here! How
cool is that. My companion baptised her,
her name is Anita.

Monday, March 9th--I'm in Chile!!!!

Ok... I´m in Chili! It is so crazy over here!
I´ve seen about a thousand stray dogs, and
on every street corner there is a small
market, not even kidding. The flight went
really well, I got about 3 hours of sleep,
so I´m really tired. After we got off the
airplane we went and met up with the Elders.
We took about an hour drive out of Santiago
to get to Rancagua. We went to our mission Pres.
house and met him and his family. They are so
cool! We had lunch, and then met our new
companions. His name is Elder W-----. He is
super cool, he´s been here for 9 months, and
he speaks so good. Anyways, after we met our
companions we said goodbye to the Pres. and
left to go to our apartments. We took a train.
Then a taxi. and finally made it to our apartment.
We just left to eat and email and I´m inside
a internet cafe right now, It´s hot and humid,
and I´m so tired. It´s been a great day.