Monday, April 27, 2009

Near Santiago

Hola! So everything is going really good, We´ve been tracting alot this last week, trying to look for people to teach. We´ve had 2 earthquakes this week, they were just little though. The area I´m in right now Is technically Santiago. I´m as close as I can get in Santiago before The South Santiago mission starts. The boarder of my area is the boarder of the next mission. I´m in the ghetto (I think thats how you spell it). Lots and lots of run down buildings, and tiny homes. The streets are filled with trash, dogs, and people who throw rocks at us and try to swear at us in english (which is pretty funny), but I love this place! I´ve really gotten attached to it. I know the lord has sent me here for a reason, and day by day I´m reminded of it. I love it. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is restored on the earth once again, and for good. And I know that if we are faithful and endure to the end, we will live with our loving Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ for eternity. Sorry, didn't mean to drop my testimony, but I felt inspired. Anyways, This P-day we played futbol (soccer) in an actual field of grass! It was sweet. Every church here has a ping pong table and a cement soccer court out side. Our church building has 2 stories in it, but it is very small. Nothing like the ones in Utah. The food here is good, lots of rice and chicken. And the weather is getting a tad cooler at night, but all in all its good. Anyways, love ya much, sorry I haven´t sent any pictures yet. I´ll try to next time.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hola mi familia!!!

Everything here is going great. The investigators are really progressing. I had 3 baptisms in my first change, today is the start of a new change (my second change). an Elder that lived in our house left and a new one came today... I´m really getting used to the language, I´m still not the best at writing in it, but I can speak good. I´ve gotten used to my sector and my surroundings. It´s been a real eye opener experience so far, and I´m sure it will continue to be. People here live in such humble circumstances its amazing. I haven´t given any talks yet in church but I have taught alot of lessons. The weather here is getting a little cooler but nothing like Utah. They´re saying it´s going to start raining here pretty soon, and that the rain is intense. I´m pretty stoked. Well that´s about all for now...

Monday, April 6, 2009

General Conference and two baptisms

Sounds like everyone is getting into car crashes over there! I´m glad your ok. And I´m glad [my sister] is ok too. I can´t believe that. I´ve been wanting to ask you to e-mail some of your experiences on your mission to me... It would be much appreciated. Things here are going great, we had 2 baptisms this past General Conference weekend. General Conference was amazing! I loved Elder Holland's talk. We had a little room to ourselves in the stake center (us gringos) and watched it in english! It was candy! Well other then that, we´re contacting. Love you much and keep praying for me.