Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big Christmas Activity

Hey fam, today was the BIG CHRISTMAS ACTIVITY for the Chile Rancagua Mission. It was actually held in my stake! All the elders from the whole mission gathered there today and we played soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, ping-pong, and we ate a ton of hamburgers! It was alot of fun, an all day activity. This week was good, we gave the holy ghost to our recent convert! She is so awesome! I`m going to be sending you guys a package here pretty soon with the big letter and some other stuff so look out. We aren`t able to go to the santiago temple because it`s not in our mission, but last change me and my companion got permission from our president to go do a session in the santiago temple! It was rad! The primary program sounded like a laugh! Wish I was there.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hot Christmas

IT DOESN`T FEEL LIKE CHRISTMAS!!! It`s really hot here, and nobody has lights up! It feels so weird. Some members in our ward gave us some christmas lights to hang up, but we never have time in the house!

We have a christmas tree thats about the size of a tire. It works. Sorry that you couldn`t report much about me, I`ll try to dive into details. We cleaned our house pretty good this morning and then went to the mission office. The mission office for the mission Rancagua is in my zone. Every p-day we go and check if we got mail and stuff. So if you send me a package I`ll recieve it in about a week. Speaking of package, I do want some stuff for christmas. I want LOTS of RED VINES, NERDS ROPES, and AIR HEADS EXTREMES!!! I love those candies. If you don`t know what they are ask Kelsey or Junior, they`ll know. If there is any thing else that you can think of that would be a cool suprise, SEND IT! I love you guys so much, hope you have the COOL CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!