Monday, July 20, 2009

New Sector report

Well this week has been... Amazing!!! My companion is so good! We taught so many people the Gospel this week! It was awesome. This morning we got up and went looking for 3 of our investigators, then we went to the stake center and met up with a bunch of other elders and played soccer, football, basketball and ping-pong! It was alot of fun. Our investigators really enjoyed it. Afterwards we took a bus back to our sector and found an internet cafe, and now I´m writing you. After this we´re gonna go back to the house and shower and then go grocery shopping. Well how are things this week in Utah? Sounds pretty hot. Here actually hasn´t been too bad. It actually feels pretty warm right now. A funny thing that everybody keeps telling me is that my name is supposed to have a "z" and not an "s" in Quesada. Some people actually get kinda mad about it! Any who, Hope all is going well with the fam. I feel super good about going on a mission, and I know it will have been one of the best decisions I ever made. I am learning SO much, my testimony and my language are improving alot, and I know that this gospel is true... Chao, Elder Quesada.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Sector

Hey family!!! This week has been really good!, it was the last week in my first sector (or the sector where I was born (in missionary language)). So right now I'm in my second sector with my new companion Elder Brady. He seems pretty cool so far, but we've only been a companionship for like 2 hours, so we'll see. My new sector is called "El Bosque, Observatorio" and the house is a lot smaller then my last house. There's another companionship in our house and they seem pretty cool. Well the work was really good in my last sector. I think I left it better then when I got there... I think. I'm really going to miss the people there, I didn't realize it would be that hard. I hope this new ward I'm in is as good as the last. They really helped us missionaries out. Anyways, sounds like you've had alot of fun this past week. Hope the family is all doing well.
With love, Elder Quesada.
P.S.- I'll try to get some pics to you guys next week, I forgot my camera at the house.