Monday, June 7, 2010

Missionary Shoes

So this week has been my best week in the mission when it comes to numbers. We had a TON of lessons and found alot of new people. Our p-day has been really good so far. We just got done playing another game of  futbol. It was fun. I`m planning on doing the 50-20 when I get back. Hopefully I`ll be able to do it, seeing as I walk everywhere here. The world cup is coming up here soon. Everybody is freakin out! It`s gonna be huge. Don`t worry about the memory card, I`m doin just fine with the ones I got here. So this next transfer they`re taking 2 of us out of the house. We live 4 right now, but next week there will only be 2. I guess the mission is losing some missionaries, so they`re minimizing some sectors. Anyways, sounds like everything there is lookin beautiful. It`s gonna be so nice to see the mountains again... That has been one of the hardest things for me in the mission, not beeing able to see the mountains. It`s suposed to be getting really cold, really soon.

Well, this week was good. I`m finally fitting in to this new sector and it`s amazing!

Here`s some pics of the shoes. Hope they work.

Well I`m out of things to say. Sorry if it isn`t much. Love you, tell the fam. Tell the people in the ward I said Hola [and] I still remember them, I`m just horrible at writing...

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