Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cannon Ball Missionary

OK, These past couple weeks have been really awesome. I've been training a new missionary. His name is Elder Savage, he's from Delaware. He's super cool. He's alot more focused then I was when I first started the mission. I've really learned alot from him. He just barely got out of the MTC like 2 weeks ago and is already diving head first into the field. I remember when I first started I was so scared to do anything. All I did was test the water with my big toe. But my companion is cannon balling his way in! It's really awesome to see him grow as a missionary so quick. One thing I've definitely learned as a missionary is that time is essential in everything! Were always using our time, and if we're not, WE SHOULD BE! Time is progress, and progress consists of failure and success! We as people should always be progressing in life. That's why the Savior gave his life for US! So we can PROGRESS! Of course we're going to make bad decisions, We're human. But we have the choice to learn from our mistakes and repent, or suffer. ... But the choices we make in life really DO make us the person we are. I know this church is true, I know the power of God was restored through Joseph Smith, and that people and families can have eternal happiness together FOREVER!!! Love you guys SO MUCH! Have an awesome week.

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