Monday, March 1, 2010

Earthquake in Chile

OK, so on Saturday the 27th at about 4am there was a HUGE EARTHQUAKE in all of Chile! We were all asleep when all the sudden our beds started shaking like crazy. Elder Thueson (the Elder that sleeps on the opposite side of the room from me) started screaming "WHOA WHOA WHOA!" We got up and ran outside! HAHA, the one thing you shouldn't do in an earthquake. We ran and held on to the metal fence of our house and just waited. We were yelling for our companions to come outside, and like 10 seconds later they came out. My companion told me later that he was still asleep and out of it when we were outside. The entire earth was SHAKING!!! It was the CRAZIEST thing I have ever experienced. Cars and houses looked like they were floating in water. It was so incredibly scary! The power went out as soon as it started so that the wires wouldn´t shock anyone. People were running, and screaming, and crying. After about the first minute we decided to say a prayer. When we ended the prayer the earthquake was still going. It finally ended after what seemed like forever, and nobody was hurt! At least where we were. They`ve reported about 700 deaths in all of Chile. A town about six hours south of us called Concepcion was hit the hardest. There's 2 missions in Concepcion and our Mission still doesn`t have contact with them. There`s about 5 missionaries from there in our mission, so they are really worried about their families. They're still finding people under everything. Hopefully the Missionaries there are OK. Our President has told us to stay in the house these next couple days because of aftershocks and all the looting people are doing. We`ve counted about 20 aftershocks since the first one hit, and each time we feel one we all start panicking! HAHA, it`s funny. We now have power and water again. They both turned off when it happened. I haven`t gotten any really good pictures of anything so I`ll send you some next week. The only thing I would ask from you is your prayers. Alot of people need them right now. I`m doing fine, I don`t have a scratch on me. Hopefully all there is going better than here.

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