Tuesday, March 23, 2010

6 months in this sector!

So this week was amazing!!! We had some baptisms, taught some amazing lessons, and ate some fried chicken!!! It was good. There hasn´t been any earth-shakes lately. It`s good to hear that the end of the week went well for you guys. I can`t wait to go to the temple on a regular bases. It`s gonna be sweet to go to the (local) TEMPLE!!! Wow, there`s so many things I`ve learned in the mission, it`s crazy. This week I really learned about the Holy Ghost. It really is the greatest gift we can receive from our father. All good, charity, hope, and faith come from the spirit. It`s awesome. Anyways, today is the start of a new transfer, I`m still in my 3rd sector. At the end of this transfer I`ll have had 6 months in this sector! Long time. But it`s ok, I love this area, I have alot of good friends, investigators, and members here to help me out, it`s like my home away from home. We have a new elder that just moved in with us today. His name is Elder Rodriguez, he`s from Columbia, and he`s super cool. I knew him at the beginning of my mission, he was my district leader. He has 20 months in the mission. He just replaced an elder from Half Moon Bay, California, Elder Ollerton. He goes home TODAY! He was a really good friend these past 4 and a half months.

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