Monday, February 1, 2010

Holes in my shoes

Hey Fam. Looks like you guys are doing good. That`s so cool to hear about the Temple in Payson!!! That is going to be SO cool. I`m totally going there like every week when I get back! The mission is going really good. I think it`s because I`m finally getting used to the language. I can speak and understand what they are saying like cake. It`s actually really cool to step back and think 12 months ago I didn`t know a thing about spanish. Now it`s like I`ve been speaking spanish my whole life. Ok, I`m not THAT good at it, but pretty close. We have a guy right now who is really interested in the church. He said " I don`t get it, you guys are the only ones called `The Church of Jesus Christ`, shouldn`t that be what all the churches are called?" Then we had to explain The Restoration and The Plan of Salvation and The Gospel of Jesus Christ all in one! It was long, but he totally has a strong goal to get baptized the 21st of Febuary! Hopefully he goes through with it. Well, other then that I`m pretty much out of things. My companion goes home in a week! He`s super excited and super sad at the same time. I feel for him. Both pairs of my shoes have holes in them! HAHA! We walk SO MUCH! Ok, love ya tons. Have an awesome week. Love your Elder.

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